At Valesta our core values guide our business. We strive to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients, candidates and employees in which mutual trust can grow and deepen.

These relationships are built on trust and adhering to our values:



We treat everyone the same way we would like to be treated, with respect and dignity. We value the contributions of each individual and listen to everyone’s opinion in a nonjudgmental manner. We are open to feedback and use it to improve our service.


Everyone at Valesta is committed to providing the best service possible. We are dedicated to engaging our clients and professionals in discussions that continuously help them move forward and grow. Where necessary we will look for tailor-made solutions to answer individual needs. It might be considered going that extra mile to some, but to us it is simply what we do.


Valesta delivers on its promises and complies fully with all laws and regulations. We behave ethically, deliver quality and take full responsibility for our actions. We believe in working hard and playing fair.


At Valesta we work as a team. We share our knowledge, experience, and ideas with one another and we celebrate our successes together. We communicate openly and we show our enthusiasm for our work both inside and outside of our organization. By having a strong team with open communication on your side, you can trust that in what we say.