Valesta as Your Functional Service Provider
There are many reasons for needing a functional service provider – lack of time to recruit and train, a temporary need for a narrow timeframe, fluctuating project sizes and business demands, or the simple desire to focus on your core areas of expertise. Download PDF



The Global Data Management Academy
The clinical research industry is among those that are facing an increased need for capable data managers and scientists. The gap between experienced data professionals and demand has recently plagued the industry. Download PDF



Working with Valesta
Valesta connects pharmaceutical, clinical research, biotech and medical device organisations with qualified and well-trained professionals. We take care of all staffing needs so that organisations can focus on their core competencies and business goals. Download PDF



Valesta Site Support
Which is simpler and more flexible: doing all the shopping, preparation and cooking for an elaborate meal, or going to your favorite restaurant and ordering expertly made selections from a broad menu? Resource management for a clinical research site is much the same – you could do all the work yourself, but in the long run, turning to a trusted specialist will save you time and money whilst providing greater flexibility as your needs change. Download PDF